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Dead Gardens lyrics


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     Dead Gardens
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        The story behind the painting I drew is already told
    No more tearstains on the pages of my diary
    Tired but unable to give up since I`m
    Responsible for the lives I saved

    The play is done
    The curtain`s down

    All the tales are told
    All the orchids gone
    Lost in my own world
    Now I care for dead gardens

    My song is little worth anymore
    Time to lay this weary pen aside

    The play is done
    The curtain`s down

    " Where are the wolves, the underwater moon
    The elvenpath, the haven of youth
    Lagoons of the starlit sea

    Have I felt enough for one man`s deed?
    Or is it time to challenge the Ancient of Days
    And let the virgin conceive"

    All the tales...
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